Vision: Improve our environment resources while promoting entrepreneurship.

Initiative: In the past we have worked with Burgh's Bees helping preserve the bee population and provide jobs for others. We have contributed by adding 8 beehives into the aviary and providing prospective beekeepers with the necessary resources.


Shannon Ho

Emily Harwitz

Vision: Work with veterans joining and taking part in the workforce.

Initiative: We went off campus and held workshops to start discussions with veterans helping them gain confidence to be able to work again.


Raksha Rao

Sanum Sheikh

Vision: Work alongside startups.

Initiative: Through this project, members will gain a deeper understanding of business operations and develop their analytical skill as well as team working and communication skills. Last year, the team from CMU Enactus worked with a local brewery, The Brew Gentleman.


Mohak Nahta

James Phua

Vision: Help others to manage health and work in high stress environments.

Initiative: For nutrition, we plan to work towards healthier menus and healthy food handouts during exam week. For stress and fitness our activities will include 5k training sessions and anti-stress events in conjunction with CAPS and Peer Health Advocates. We also will focus on medicine. We hope to host a toiletry drive (estimating first week of December) which will hopefully be at the school, and we also plan to collect and distribute medicine samples, vaccines, and medical products from UPMC hospital.


Kevin Long

Manasa Reddy

Vision: Empower and educate business leaders within the Panamanian community by providing them with the necessary skills to run a successful business.

Initiative: Global Business Brigades (GBB) provides business consulting and strategic investement to support under resourced microenterprises in developing countries while ensuring sustainable growth.


Sanika Natu

Dahiana Jimenez

Vision: Identify disparity in the number of students pursuing higher education.

Initiative: This year our team worked with middle school and high school students to host a career week. This initiative was aimed at exposing them to various career paths and introducing to them new subjects such as computer science and description.


Alan Vurgait

Aneury Casado

Vision: Help Cambodia develop new markets through a start up incubator.

Initiative: Cambodia economy is turning around making it a great opportunity to open new economies of scale. Students will research and work alongside others to create business plans for future investors in Cambodia.


Anita Ramamurthy

Jen Park

En trepreneurial - having the perspective to see an opportunityand talent to create value from that opportunity;

Act ion - the willingness to do something and the commitment to see it through even when the outcome is not guaranteed;

Us - a collection of people who see themselves connected in some important way; individuals that are part of a greater whole.


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